Gluten-Free Cooking

We Are Committed to Creating Gluten-Free Recipes with Only Whole Food Gluten-Free Ingredients

For various reasons, many people need to avoid gluten in their diet.  This can be tricky in a culture that depends highly upon processed and prepared foods, including lots of breads and pastas.  Most find themselves at the mercy of prepared gluten-free products that are costly and sub par in flavor, fiber and nutritional value.  These are usually made with processed/refined flours plus gums and starches.  The texture and flavor, in general, is not appealing.

When our family needed convert to a gluten-free diet I determined I would remain committed to working with whole foods and experiment with a full range of gluten-free ingredients until I had developed recipes that were just as good if not better than those we were traditionally used to.  I not only found it was possible, but began to really wonder- “What’s the big deal about gluten-free?!?!”  Gluten-free eating can be easy, wholesome and tasty - and not cost you an arm and a leg!  This is what I’m particularly excited about with my gluten-free recipes - they are simple and affordable enough for the whole family to enjoy the same foods.  Not one meal for the gluten-free individual and another meal for the rest!


What are your options when eating gluten-free?

Prepared gluten-free foods

These tend to be expensive and usually means just being able to purchase gluten-free foods for the individual who really needs them.  They also tend to be low in nutrients, fiber and flavor.

Gluten-free mixes

These also tend to be expensive and nutritionally inferior.

Gluten-free foods made from scratch with refined ingredients

These recipes tend to be highly dependent upon refined flours plus gums and starches.  Not the most nutritious nor fiber-rich!

Gluten-free foods made from scratch with whole ingredients

As you’ll find with my recipes, these can be simple, affordable and tasty.  Most importantly the whole family can share the same foods again!  Everyone benefits from these gluten-free, allergen-sensitive whole food alternatives.



All of my books and resources make gluten-free recipes easy!

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