Thriving Gluten-Free

 If you have food allergies and are interested in a whole-food approach to optimal health, then you’ve come to the right place!  Good and Easy Gluten-free  features only vegetarian gluten-free dairy-free recipes, made exclusively with nutritionally-dense whole foods.

Thriving On a Gluten free Diet - The Whole Foods Way

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When a person learns they need to limit their diet because of food allergies/sensitivities, it can become a little overwhelming- especially when those food allergies include two or more American “staples” (like wheat and dairy). To attempt to eat as you always have, American-style, would be very hard.  But endeavoring into a gluten-free (and possibly plant-based) diet will open your eyes to a new world of unexplored foods. Check out the Five Basic Whole Food Groups to get an introduction to the wide range of foods that are available to you on a restricted diet.

It seems it’s when we get fixated on what we can’t have instead of what we can that we get dissatisfied and discontent.  My hope is that as you try a number of these gluten-free food recipes you will be encouraged that good food is not only good for you, but it tastes great too!

The truth is, ingredients in common gluten-free recipes are SAD - that is, they are made of predominantly refined foods (white rice flour, potato starch, etc.) and starches and gums that are lacking in nutrition and fiber.  They’re all fairly unfamiliar, more difficult to come by and more costly than using whole natural ingredients.

One of the nicest benefits of preparing your own whole natural gluten-free foods is not only that it’s better for you and less expensive, but the whole family can partake of the same foods!