Simple Whole Food Cooking Tips

Best tip - plan ahead, begin early.

Healthy cooking doesn’t necessarily take more time than traditional cooking, but it does usually require a little forethought and the need to begin earlier. For instance- brown rice takes almost twice as long to cook as white rice, but the amount of time spent preparing it to cook would be the same as for white rice, you just need to get it started earlier. And baked potatoes can take a while to cook, so you’ll need to preheat the oven and get them going earlier than you might have begun dinner in the past.                                   


How to cut an onion

Cut off both ends of onion. Lay one cut end down on cutting board. Cut onion in half. While holding under cool running water, remove peel from each half. Place one half, flat side down, on cutting board. Gently gripping both sides of onion, cut radially from one cut end to the other and then side-to-side the other direction (straight across). This will allow you to cut more efficiently and reduce the amount of slipping around the onion might otherwise do.


How to peel garlic

Break clove from head of garlic. Cut off the tips of the clove and then either slice skin from one end to other or cut the clove in half. At this point you should be able to easily peel off the skin. If not, hit with a drinking glass or the end of a knife and try again.

Cloves vary greatly in size, so you may want to count a large clove as two or more single cloves. Always add crushed garlic a little late to sautéing onion, so it doesn’t overcook.


Garlic/Onion Cutting Board

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Designate a cutting board (or one side of a cutting board) specifically to the preparation of onions and garlic to reduce the transfer of their odors to other fruits or vegetables.

To rid fingers of odor, rub them on a stainless steel pot, utensil, or sink!




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