Simple Gluten-Free Bread Alternatives


Some people may wonder, when visiting my recipe blog,

“What’s with all the pancakes, flatbreads, and crackers?"


I tend to focus on these kinds of recipes because I have found that they are wonderful alternatives to traditional yeast breads for those on a gluten-free diet.  Gluten-free ingredients obviously do not contain the gluten that works in harmony with yeast to produce light, fluffy breads, rolls and other common baked goods.  Many attempts are made with refined and less-than-natural ingredients to produce a result similar to that of yeasted wheat breads, but I don’t want to sacrifice the quality of my ingredients to achieve a desired effect.  I’d rather prepare foods that work well with the inherent characteristics of the natural whole ingredients.

Many may balk at the idea of giving up traditional breads, but may I risk suggesting that that may be a narrow mindset?  In many cultures and throughout history, people have subsisted on grain-based foods that look a lot more like what I’m calling pancakes, flatbreads and crackers.  It’s only in more recent history that we have had yeasted breads and bread products and it is predominantly only in Western cultures that we believe it is a essential part of our diet.  And I’d also like to suggest that anything that you make from whole natural gluten-free ingredients in a pancake, flatbread or cracker form is going to be significantly more nutritious and beneficial to you than any of the breads you’ve been accustomed to.

My hope is that some of these recipes will encourage individuals to let go of the constant quest for something that is just like “bread” in the gluten-free world.  On a day-to-day basis, these other forms of bread can satisfy most needs.  You may want to treat yourself occasionally to a prepared gluten-free bread or bread mix, but on a regular basis they really aren’t best for our health as they are greatly lacking in nutrition and fiber.


A pancake by any other name . . .

As I began experimenting with recipes, I became impressed by what an easy and satisfying option gluten-free pancakes are.  I almost want to call them something else, like “skillet cakes” or “griddle cakes”, because I don’t want people to have a limited breakfast-mindset with them.

I’ve also found that whipping up a batch of simple gluten-free “cakes” (pancakes, skillet cakes, etc.) doesn’t take much longer than toasting some bread to serve with a meal. I just don’t get to walk away from the stove-top as I could with a toaster.

Pancakes make a really quick and easy breakfast for the kids too.  Just mix up some batter with a little gluten free flour, water, salt and oil, cook a couple of minutes on a skillet and, voila, tasty cakes!

These 'cakes' are great on their own, but can also be used like bread as well.  Spread with butter, nut butter and/or jelly, or serve with soup or salad.  The options are limitless.

And, of course, they're a pretty great breakfast option as well!

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