Personal Wellness Coaching


Get those nagging questions answered with a half-hour one-on-one consultation with Kim.

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Scheduled at your convenience.

Get those nagging questions answered!   

I know the experience of reading a book, article or post and being left with hanging unanswered questions.  Who could I talk to, where could I go to find some answers or just bat around some thoughts?  I’ve spent so much time reading, researching, and compiling information for my own family’s benefit and for sharing with others that I’m glad to share what I have pieced together in a simple and practical way with you.


Topics for discussion could include:
•    Wholesome eating and other dietary issues
•    Transitioning to a whole, natural diet
•    Setting up a kitchen for most efficient use
•    Helping your family “get on board” with wholesome eating
•    Making fitness a natural, enjoyable part of your day
•    Natural alternatives to commercial cleaners and body care products
•    How to prepare raw foods or increase raw foods in your diet
•    Discuss the issue of candida and food-related concerns
•    Addressing food allergies and sensitivities


Phone consultation to be scheduled at your convenience
$30.00 per half hour