Everyday Wholesome Eating

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Looking for reliable whole-food recipes? This book contains a lot of basic information on healthy eating plus over 150 simple, inexpensive and family-pleasing recipes. Great for beginners or anyone trying to develop a reliable repertoire of wholesome meals. Far more than just a cookbook, this book features an introductory discussion of healthy eating and a multitude of tips and encouragements in simplifying wholesome eating. Over 150 gluten-free dairy-free egg-free recipes!

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If you are searching for healthy recipes that are simple, economical, and appeal to the whole family, then look no further! For over twelve years Everyday Wholesome Eating has satisfied those needs for thousands of families!

This whole, natural foods recipe and information resource was Kim’s first book and still proves to be our best-seller.  It was written as a tool to help others discover the joy and simplicity in preparing the whole, natural foods that were created for our optimal health.  It contains helpful information and suggestions as well as a wide selection of simple, people-pleasing recipes based on whole, natural foods (avoiding the use of processed/refined foods and animal products).  Ideal for those with food allergies and sensitivities.  Many are pleasantly surprised by how tasty and satisfying foods prepared without the “American staples” of meat, dairy, wheat, corn, sugar and soy can actually be! This book has become the wholesome-eating primer for literally thousands of families!

You can’t lose with over 150 simple, inexpensive and family-pleasing recipes.  Great for beginners or anyone trying to develop a reliable repertoire of wholesome meals.


Everyday Wholesome Eating is Kim’s most popular book and the best choice for those just getting started with a whole food, plant-based diet.

– whole food – wheat-free – gluten-free – dairy-free – soy-free – egg-free – sugar-free – yeast-free –

Just simple, family-pleasing recipes.
No recipes for “Roast Fennel with Tri-color Asparagus Sauce” here!

Some of the BEST gluten-free vegetarian recipes in print!

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