30 Days To A Fresh Start

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Discover the joy and simplicity of a whole food, plant-based diet and personally experience how a healthy balanced lifestyle is within your reach. This practical guide provides helpful information on a variety of topics plus great staple recipes (all gluten-free and dairy-free). If you are struggling to maintain a whole food plant-based diet or are looking to add more healthful habits to your lifestyle, this practical tool brings true lasting change within your reach. A fresh start in just 30 days!

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A practical guide to lasting diet and lifestyle change


This book was written to help individuals and families begin on a path of wholesome diet and lifestyle change.  It addresses many of the issues that impact our total health picture. You will be introduced to a simplified, enjoyable approach to whole, natural foods and be encouraged to expand a repertoire of wholesome meals into a lasting lifestyle of healthful eating.

If you’ve ever said “I’d like to make some health and diet changes, but I just don’t know where to begin,” then this guide will take you by the hand and encourage your first few steps and bolster your confidence that improved health is within your reach.  If you’re struggling to adopt a gluten-free lifestyle, this is just the resource you need!

This book includes general discussion of a wide-variety of diet and health topics, nine preparation days of practical tips and assignments to help you successfully prepare for the transition to a wholesome plant-based diet, and a three-week guide complete with daily encouragements and journal pages for recording your progress.  45 simple, inexpensive, family-pleasing recipes (gluten-free and dairy-free) are sprinkled throughout the guide, plus lots of handy tools and resources for shopping, meal planning and strategies for living in a more healthy, balanced way.


Could you take just one month (or even 30 total days over the course of this next year)

to put you (and your family) on the road to better health?


A sampling of the topics addressed in this book:

    • how to positively influence your pH
    • discussion of weight concerns and issues
    • finding an enjoyable form of physical activity suited to you and your lifestyle
    • straight talk on cleansing and detoxification
    • practical strategies for eating healthy on-the-go
    • taking the stress out of menu planning
    • relational issues related to dietary change
    • encouragement with stress management
    • tips on maximizing fresh air and sunshine
    •  . . . and much, much more!


This book serves as a great guide for group study as well!