Philosophy and Disclaimer


Our General Philosophy

We believe that we were created with incredible self-healing bodies, and if we provide them with the food and care that were originally meant for their maintenance, they can perform their God-given ability of restoring health.  We recommend a whole, natural diet based on foods as close to the way they were originally created as possible.  We recommend in all areas of life and health that we strive to live according to God’s original optimal design, including our relationship with Him and others, pure water, fresh air, sunshine, physical activity, rest, and healthful stress maintenance.




Please note: The material presented on the Simply Natural Health website is a result of our personal study and experience.  Neither John nor Kim Wilson nor any affiliate of Simply Natural Health is a medical physician, nutritionist or dietitian.  Therefore, neither John nor Kim Wilson nor any affiliate of Simply Natural Health is qualified nor do they engage in the diagnosis of disease or the prescription of any health program as a cure or treatment for disease. The material and resources offered on the Simply Natural Health website are intended for educational purposes only. Be sure to consult with your personal physician regarding the treatment of any condition.

Our Informal Wholesome Diet Creed

 We believe at the foundation that God created us with incredible self-healing bodies. We believe that health is what our body innately knows and struggles to maintain (even against our greatest efforts to thwart it with poor diet and lifestyle). We believe that as our body is supplied with the high-quality fuel of a whole, natural plant-based diet (as God originally supplied it) and healthful lifestyle habits, it has the materials and support needed to rebuild health. We believe that altered foods aren’t just neutral in their impact on our health but are foreign to our body and rob it of health.

We believe that a wholesome, plant-based diet addresses health and wellness in a holistic way. We don’t aim to treat specific symptoms or illness, but trust God’s design to heal our bodies on His priority schedule. We believe that some of the most powerful foods for healing are raw foods because they are closest to the way God created them and are perfectly suited to truly feed cells, cleanse the body and build health. We believe that a diet that has a high concentration of raw fruits and vegetables (and their juices) addresses the common problems of nutritional deficiency and toxic overload by simultaneously cleansing and healing the body. And we never want to overlook the fact that it is not the foods that heal us, but God who designed our incredible bodies and the foods to optimally sustain them. Let’s remember to praise Him for His incredible, gracious, loving design!