Gluten free Meal Planning Strategies for Breakfast

In general, most people stick to a limited number of recipes that they use over and over. This is particularly true of breakfast. Most people settle into a breakfast routine of 2-4 different selections that they have over and over. This works well since most people don’t want to expend too much mental energy on morning meal planning.

On a gluten free diet breakfast can seem a little tricky. Focusing on a fruit-based meal in the morning (like a fruit smoothie) is one easy way to get around this problem, but you’ll also find I have dozens of grain-based gluten free breakfast recipes that are sure to satisfy. Simply find 2-4 you enjoy and then you’ve got a reliable repertoire of gluten free recipes- breakfast-style!


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Here’s a great strategy for a highly-nutritious, varied gluten free breakfast. Prepare a large batch of any gluten free grain (oatmeal, millet, brown rice or quinoa -cook according to the directions on this handy chart for whole grain cooking*) and then serve in bowls, topped with any of the following:

  • raisins (and cinnamon)
  • bananas (sliced or mashed) and chopped walnuts
  • chopped apples (or applesauce) and cinnamon
  • dried cranberries and chopped pecans
  • pineapple and coconut
  • extra special- a swirl of nut butter and sprinkle of chocolate chips or carob chips
  • optional: almond milk, coconut milk, banana milk, etc.

When I cook up a large batch I am then able to reheat portions a couple of following mornings, varying what toppings I add. The kids don’t get bored with this hot cereal since the grain and toppings change regularly.

* consider adding extra water when preparing whole grains as a hot cereal. The cereal will be creamier and more tender in that case. Brown rice, for instance, can be prepared like congee, with extra water and an extra long cook time. The result will be more like the texture of rice pudding.


Be encouraged – these are all Kid Friendly Gluten free Recipes!

And not only that! Since they’re all made exclusively with whole food, plant-based ingredients they not only satisfy your morning hunger but give you an incredibly nourishing start to the day!

For a reliable collection of more kid friendly gluten free recipes get a copy of this great ebook for just $4.99.

Kim Wilson

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