Your cookbook has made the transition easy and fun.


I just wanted to write to you to let you know I purchased your Good and Easy Eats cookbook awhile back and have made many of the recipes and every single one has been easy and delicious.
I recently made the switch to a gluten-free and dairy-free diet and am also trying to eat more plant-based meals.
Your cookbook has made that transition easy and fun.
Even my husband, who was raised in a meat-and-potatoes family and isn’t big on eating vegetables and trying new things, has liked every single recipe.

So I just wanted to say thank you!

Debbie L.


Everyone in the world should invest in Kim’s books!

Every time I am looking for a great healthy recipe, I can look no further than to a Kim Wilson book. If I want vegan gravy, there it is in Kim’s Everyday Wholesome Eating. If I want a perfect raw soup, crack open Kim’s Everyday Wholesome Eating in the Raw. I have purchased shelves full of cookbooks. Most of them pale in comparisons to Kim’s books. I also do not have to seek our weird ingredients. Everyone in the world should invest in Kim’s books!”


Melody H., Educator

Kings Mountain, NC


Recipes. . . bring inspiration, variety (and fun!) to what my family eats.

I am very grateful for Kim’s recipe books.  For someone like me who has quite a few restrictions on what I can eat, the tendency is that I get into a monotonous cycle of just a few boring recipes.  Kim’s recipes have lots of variations within the bounds of healthy eating, and I use it to bring inspiration and variety to what my family eats. Thank you for bringing some fun and pizza (yaaay!) back into our family!”


Ayako K., artist, teacher, translator

Toyonaka, Japan

Plenty of tasty, nutritious options for children with extensive allergies

I can’t say enough good things about Kim’s cookbooks.  She is responsible for my children eating more vegetables and soups.  Her black bean soup, stone soup, lentil soup and chili are all favorites at our house.  We recently relocated and Kim’s cookbooks were the only ones that made the move.

Little did I know when I was first given a copy of one of Kim’s cookbooks 6 years ago, how important they would become in our daily lives.  A friend loaned me her copy of Kim’s Everyday Wholesome Eating cookbooks thinking I would like some of her recipes.  Just this last fall three of my children were diagnosed with pretty significant food allergies.  Kim’s recipes gave us plenty of tasty, nutritious options for them.  Even desserts that eliminate all of their allergens and still taste great!


Dawn B., Homeschool mom of 4 with extensive allergies

Virginia Beach, VA

The recipes have become family favorites

I would say that over the years the original Everyday Wholesome Eating cookbook has seen me through from my transition to healthier eating, to a more strict Hallelujah Diet, and back to a more relaxed moderately healthy diet.  EWE is that good and that versatile. The recipes have become family favorites. It has also been a great resourse to have on hand in the kitchen because of all the extra info in addition to the recipe sections.


Jenifer L.

Clanton, AL

Four books that have changed our lives

For the last 7 years I have been making recipes from 4 books that have changed our lives . What an amazing blessing to find Kim Wilson and Simply Natural Health. I have been a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister and have had a teaching ministry since 1999 so we have alot of Vegan Recipe books and until 2004 when Kims first books came out we were always searching for those “perfect recipes” that would

1. be amazingly delicious

2. easy to prepare

3. affordable ingredients and of course be

4. vegan and gluten free

                Kim has done all these things and more.

I have sold more of her books and highly recommend them all to anyone I meet that is looking for” Great Wholesome Eating “. I am especially excited about her newest book “Everyday Gluten Free” Finally we have recipes for everyone at any level of interest…Everyone should be eating this way whether they believe they are gluten for not. The chocolate chip cookies are our favorite!!

Our grown children make the recipes all the time and the grandchildren too-everyone just loves them and always want to try out new ones!! Thanks Kim for all your hard work!


Lori J., Hallelujah Acres Health Minister
Assistant Mgr. Health Food Store


And here’s more from two of Lori’s grandchildren!


   Dear   Kim Wilson,

I am Lori Johnsons Granddaughter, Lila Jade.  I love your recipes.  This morning my brother, sisters, my Grandma, Grandpa, and I had the Basic Pancakes from the ” Everyday Gluten- Free” book. They’re very filling.  It  only took about  two and a half pancakes to fill me up, it usually takes about six regular pancakes to fill me up.Last night my grandma made the cornbread and  the simple lentil and tomato soup. I loved it so much I had it at eleven “O” clock and wanted it for breakfast! But that didn’t happen. The first recipe I made was the banana pudding it was delicious.  One time my cousins from Mississippi were visiting, we were having a big dinner. It was great.  I made the nutballs for dessert. Everyone loved them and some even complained  that they didn’t get two.  It was a great visit. I am 9 years old. I like to do demos at my grandma’s classes and  I LOVE to be in the kitchen. Thank You for giving us such great recipes.

Love, Lila Jade


    Dear Kim Wilson,

I am Lori’s other granddaughter.  You have so many great recipes that it is hard to choose favorites. One that I have chosen is your chocolate chip cookies.

Everyone in our family likes them, me especially. I actually like them better than regular cookies. We make them a lot because they are so easy to make and they are delicious! I also like your chocolate muffins. When our Grandma Lori has health food classes we usually come and do demos. That is really fun. We do your food a lot and everyone there always loves it. My mom makes the apple crisp a lot, she has pretty much memorized the recipe! Lila Jade, Grandma and I love being  in the kitchen making your recipes.   We all love your books and are so glad that you make them. Thank you for all that you do.

From, Cameo:)

Everyday Gluten-Free is fantastic, EWE in the Raw is my Best Seller

Hi Kim,

I just wanted to write you a note about your beautiful recipe books.  I have a health business here in Australia and have found your Everyday Wholesome Eating in the Raw is my #1 Best Seller.  It is just so well written, put together and easy to use. My clients just love it.  I appreciate how you continue to learn and share our knowledge as well.  Your new book Everyday Gluten-Free is fantastic as it is becoming necessary to many people to stay away from gluten.  These books have helped so many of my clients (as well as myself) in working toward a lifestyle that is full of health and wellness.  They are easy to use and so many find the recipes great for family. Also, many of my clients say they are great to use for their children as they learn to cook!!!

Thanks again for your beautiful work, wisdom and contribution to the world of health and wellness.


M. Smith, Health Minister for Hallelujah Health Ministries.

Melbourne, Australia

Your books and encouragement have been a big help

We are getting much better at learning to live and eat “God’s way” and your books and encouragement have been a big help.  We first heard your testimony through a Health Ministers retreat and were really encouraged by your honesty and the “gutsy” reality of your family’s struggle through Candida (pun intended).  The spiritual side of what you teach is very important, and you come across in a very biblical and down to earth way that is truly inspiring. ”


Chris and Fran O.

Big River SK Canada

Recipes are delicious and easy to create

Kingdom Greetings Kim:

My name is Adrienne (last name withheld).  I’m a Health Minister with Hallelujah Acres.  I want you to know HOW BLESSED I am that God directed you to write “Everyday Wholesome Eating” and “30 Days to Everyday Wholesome Eating.”

I recommend “Everyday Wholesome Eating” to EVERYONE!  Your recipes are delicious and easy to create.  I teach a Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle Class (12-week class) and I always use your recipes and encourage my students to purchase your book(s).

Last month, Paul and Ann (last names withheld) brought the H. Acres Health Ministers’ Training to our church (my husband is the Senior Pastor/Founder).  My ministry “A More Excellent Way Health Ministry” supplied lunch each day of the 3 day training.  I prepared Potatoes and Green Beans with Onion Gravy from your book and the Italian and Cucumber Dill Dressings.  Everyone raved over the dressings and the foods.

I’ve prepared your Indian-style Chickpeas for my class and my family – again – rave reviews!

My prayer for you and your family is continued health, happiness and success!

Have a blessed and healthy day!


Adrienne C.

Canton, OH

Health Minister

Certified Reboundologist

The recipes are fast and easy, and all taste great!

I host a Raw Food (Vegan) Support Group in the Fairbanks, Alaska area – for people who are all raw, high raw, interested in raw, and/or have no idea what raw is!

Often people will ask me, What is a good beginning raw food recipe book?  Without hesitation I tell them “Kim Wilson’s Everyday Wholesome Eating…In the Raw!

Here is why I prefer this book –

  • It is PACKED full of recipes (Not just 1 per page)
  • The recipes are fast & easy to make (or I wouldn’t make them!)
  • The recipes all taste great! Yes – every single one!
  • The price is soooo affordable!!

Secondary reasons I prefer this book –

  • The ingredients are easy to find
  • The ingredients are listed in the order needed (I don’t know about you, but this is important to me!!!)

Everyone in our group that has this book loves it.  I know two people who loaned their book out… and now need to replace it, as they miss it so much.  I do not loan mine out (anymore), as I cannot live without it.  THIS BOOK IS THAT GOOD!

For people who want an all vegan recipe book with some raw and some cooked, I recommend the Everyday Wholesome Eating for the same reasons.


Trifany G.

North Pole, Alaska