Quick and Easy Gluten-free Desserts

gluten free recipes cookies - tollhouse cookie bars

Gluten-free Tollhouse Cookie Bars

By Kim Wilson / February 21, 2012 / 15 Comments

I hosted a whole foods gluten-free Pampered Chef party recently and I was able to get a lot of really cool stuff following the sale (with all the great hostess credits and discount offers).  I’d only been to two other parties in my life and I’d only gotten small items (like the garlic press, silicon…

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gluten free recipes baking - chocolate heart cookies

Gluten-free Cookie Cutter Cookies (HEARTS for Valentine’s Day!)

By Kim Wilson / February 13, 2012 / 6 Comments

Holidays always inspire more baking.  Yesterday afternoon, after we finished lunch, the little ones and I went to the kitchen island and made a batch of “cookie cutter cookies” in honor of Valentine’s day.  There’s probably some more appropriate title for this kind of cookie, but it eludes me right now.

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easy gluten free cake recipe - pineapple upside down cake

Gluten-free Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe

By Kim Wilson / January 30, 2012 / 9 Comments

I had such a craving for this cake in the last couple of weeks that I finally made it last week, and it didn’t disappoint!  You can’t miss with a nice dense cake with sweet, fruit topping.  I think the last time I might have had it was when we served it at our children’s…

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Healthy Eating in the New Year

By Kim Wilson / December 27, 2011 / 3 Comments

What more perfect time to shamelessly “plug” my new book than just prior to the start of a new year?! I truly believe Good and Easy Eats to be the perfect book for anyone attempting to add more healthful eating options to their new year. The reviews I’ve gotten have been phenomenal (view them here)…

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Last Minute Gift or Stocking Stuffer?

By Kim Wilson / December 14, 2011 / 2 Comments

A number of people who have recently ordered  Good and Easy Eats have inquired about how to send the ebook as a Christmas present.  One of the bloggers who reviewed the book also recommended giving the ebook as a stocking stuffer.   It would make a great affordable gift for: A friend who is attempting…

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kid friendly gluten free recipes - hot cocoa

Dairy-free and Cane-sugar-free Hot Cocoa

By Kim Wilson / December 12, 2011 / 9 Comments

Last Friday, as I was working on the final edits on Good and Easy Eats, I had the inspiration to make a “Double Chocolate Muffin” variation of the Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe.  I knew this basically meant adding some cocoa powder to the dry ingredients, but I also knew I’d need to increase the wet…

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kid friendly gluten free recipes - caramel corn

Caramel Corn Recipe- Free of Refined Sugars and Corn Syrup

By Kim Wilson / December 6, 2011 / 17 Comments

Here’s one of my excellent kid-friendly gluten-free recipes that is a rework of a childhood favorite. No refined sugar or corn syrup makes it a healthier choice by far!

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easy gluten free recipes desserts - good and easy eats

Make a Connection . . . and Get a Free Book!

By Kim Wilson / December 1, 2011 / 37 Comments

As most of you are probably aware, I have just completed my first ebook- Good and Easy Eats.  I’m very excited about this book because I anticipate it will have very broad appeal.  It will be a great help for people in a variety of situations: for those simply wanting to add a few healthy…

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gluten free dairy free egg free recipes - pumpkin pie

Gluten-free Oat Nut Pie Crust – Quick and Easy Gluten-free Dessert Recipe

By Kim Wilson / October 24, 2011 / 8 Comments

This is the pie crust recipe I used last week when I made pumpkin pie for my family’s early Thanksgiving celebration.  It is a simple “press-into-the-pie-plate” style crust.

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gluten free dairy free egg free recipes - pumpkin pie

Gluten-Free Dairy-free Egg-free Pumpkin Pie

By Kim Wilson / October 17, 2011 / 13 Comments

We had an early Thanksgiving dinner with my family this past Sunday evening, as my folks are “headed south” this coming week.  Being a vegetarian hasn’t dampened my enjoyment of Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s still one of my favorite meals.  We just enjoy everything but the turkey, and more wholesome versions of many of the components.

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