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gluten free recipes for breakfast - gluten free breakfast patties

Gluten-free and Soy-free Breakfast Patties

March 12, 2015

Growing up, my dad always made breakfast patties out of ground turkey and a combination of season salt and poultry seasoning. I always thought they were pretty great. (more…)

gluten free recipes for breakfast - gluten free porridge

Gluten-free Wholesome Breakfast Porridge

February 19, 2015

I make grain-based hot cereals for my kids most mornings through the fall and winter. One evening I had the inspiration to combine some grains into a hot cereal, and...

gluten free dairy free vegetarian recipes - chai rooibos tea

Homemade Chai Rooibos Tea Blend

January 28, 2015

Chai, in hot and cold forms, has become a very popular drink over the past several years. Chai is a traditional Indian beverage (rich in traditional Indian spices) usually prepared...

jaw teeth clenching - natural treatment for bruxism

Natural Treatment for Bruxism- Effective yet unconventional way to deal with clenching teeth at night

January 14, 2015

Off and on through the years I’ve dealt with bruxism. Mostly at night but even during the day I would find myself clenching my jaw. (more…)

gluten free recipes baking - spritz cookies

Gluten-free Recipes – Baking for the Holidays – Spritz Cookies

December 22, 2014

I’m rushing this new gluten-free cookie recipe to you, just in the time for the holidays! My mom always made spritz cookies at Christmastime when we were kids, but quite...

gluten free recipes easy - 30 days to a fresh start

Give Yourself the Gift of Health

December 19, 2014

Ready for a healthy FRESH START in 2015? Then my new hot-off-the-press book, 30 Days to a Fresh Start, will be the perfect tool to get your new year started...