Affording Gluten-Free

Yes, it is possible to eat gluten-free on a budget!

Gluten-free eating, as most people initially pursue it, is incredibly costly. When you attempt to maintain a diet consisting of bread, pasta and pizza (traditional gluten-containing foods) you need to pay the high ticket prices for these prepared items.

Gluten-free cooking that is based on whole foods, however, can be far more affordable!

gluten free recipes easy

The gluten-free recipe ideas shared in my books (and on this site) are great wholesome staples which could easily make up the bulk of a family’s diet. Not only are they incredibly nutritious and simple to prepare, but they are also very inexpensive. Cooking “from scratch” with whole plant-based foods is very cost-effective and gives you more nutritional value for your “buck”.   If you really think about it- meat, dairy and processed foods (like boxed cereals and convenience foods) are very expensive and contribute little nutritional value to your diet.

The recipes are versatile also and allow you to take advantage of seasonal produce. Buying fruits and veggies in-season not only keeps costs down but ensures you get them at the peak of ripeness and will satisfy your body’s natural seasonal needs.

Be encouraged- my cookbooks and recipes make it feasible to live gluten-free on a budget!

Make your gluten-free meals easy - and within your budget!