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What is Simply Natural Health?

Simply Natural Health
is a business owned and operated by John and Kim Wilson.  Its purpose is to get helpful information and good, tasty recipes to the people who need them.

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Who are John and Kim Wilson?

John’s involvement in Simply Natural Health is primarily on the technical side -working on the Web site and other neat stuff like that!  You may still have occasion to catch him when communicating with us and may see him if you attend any of Kim’s classes.  Having lived (thrived, we should say!) on Kim’s cooking and the whole natural lifestyle, he can even occasionally answer questions somewhat thoughtfully!  He (along with the rest of the family) is also a very willing taste-tester for all the new recipes and Kim likes to think of him as the “poster child” of what a difference wholesome eating can make in a person’s life!

Kim has spent over 16 years developing recipes based on whole, natural ingredients.  She has seven cookbooks and health resources currently in print and still enjoys working on recipes to satisfy a variety of needs.  She is particularly motivated to develop recipes that help those dealing with food allergies and conditions like candida.  If you are looking for tasty recipes that avoid animal products, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, yeast and other problematic foods, you’ve come to the right place.  It’s Kim’s sincere hope that you are inspired with some highly-enjoyable, highly-beneficial foods at this site, at her recipe blog and in her resources.

And be sure to not miss the fun “Before” and “After” photos of us below!

Our Personal Health Journey

John and Kim Wilson were high school sweethearts and have enjoyed many adventures together since that time!   Simply Natural Health gives us another opportunity to work together on something we care about.  The journey that led us to attaining health through wholesome diet and lifestyle began when our oldest son was just a baby. We became aware of concerns with commercial cleaning products and body care products and transitioned our home to non-toxic alternatives.  But the most striking change came when John became quite ill during the fall of 1998.  Until that time, we had subsisted on what is commonly referred to as the SAD diet (Standard American Diet), consisting mostly of meat, dairy, refined grains, and processed foods.  We ate what most Americans eat, lived how most Americans live, and suffered the health consequences that most Americans suffer from.  We put up with a variety of physical ailments (even in our twenties) that we just figured were standard American fare- headaches, back pain, high blood pressure, difficult menstrual cycles, eczema, gas, body odor, fatigue,  . . .

It wasn’t until the fall of 1998, when John was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, that we started to take a careful look at how our diet and lifestyle might be impacting our health.  For us, it took something serious to cause us to consider changing our ways.  You see, even before he was diagnosed with this condition, John wasn’t doing so well.  At age 31 (and 5’8″) he weighed over 270 pounds and was on high blood pressure medicine. We feel God allowed this difficulty in our lives to be used for our best.

Kim began reading and researching and spent a lot of time experimenting with recipes. Gradually, step by step, we let go of more and more of the Standard American Diet and experimented with and incorporated more and more whole, natural foods into our diet. Our tastes began to change along with the foods. We found that this was not a matter of suffering and deprivation – once we began eating wholesome foods we found that we truly enjoyed them.

A Brief Side Note:

In case you are saying to yourself, "But I'm too picky an eater to like plain old natural foods",  you need to know that John was about as picky as they come.  He was truly a "meat and potatoes" man, and Kim couldn't easily get away with preparing a meat-less meal prior to our change.  John ate very few vegetables (corn, broccoli - that's about it) and he had never eaten raw vegetables - say nothing about a salad!  One time he ate a piece of raw fruit - and that was only half an orange in sheer desperation during a family trip to the Grand Canyon.  Now, John eats no meat or dairy, consumes mostly raw fruits and vegetables as well as cooked grains, beans, vegetables and fruits - and thoroughly enjoys it.  Things have certainly changed - now he doesn't feel right if a day goes by without a salad.  A friend of ours says "You develop an appetite for that which you feed on.”  It was a gradual change for us, but we found this saying to be very true.  We have developed a love and appreciation for whole, natural foods - those that are closest to the way God originally created them.

John's goal from the outset was to improve his health through changing what he ate (not limiting amounts) and incorporating physical activity into his lifestyle.  He never set out to lose weight - but what a great side effect the weight loss was!  John has lost over a hundred pounds, uses no medication and has not had a Meniere’s episode since spring of 1999.  God designed us with some pretty incredible self-healing bodies!  We learned, and personally experienced, that our bodies come into balance and weight stabilizes as we give them the nutrition and care they need (in the form of whole, natural foods and a healthy lifestyle).

While most of our diet and health changes were focused on helping John, Kim also experienced relief from a number of "common" problems.  She is practically free of the problems she had with eczema, acid stomach, Candida, headaches, back pains and menstrual discomfort.  We've also seen a myriad of other little annoyances disappear - for example,we haven't worn any form of deodorant in years (this usually raises some eyebrows!).

Many people attribute physical healing to miraculous intervention (and we certainly won't deny God's ability to do so) but we find ourselves equally in awe of the miracle God worked at creation in designing our bodies and the means for  healthfully sustaining them.  And we are very grateful for the changes He has worked in our lives!


What kind of a DIFFERENCE can wholesome eating make?

dec 1997

Before Photo

from December 1997



After Photo

from May 2000

We began making changes in September 1998

In 1 1/2 years' time:

John lost 125 pounds, 17 inches off his waist (!), and all need for medication. His high blood pressure was under control and he had no more Meniere's episodes.

Kim lost 25 pounds and experienced immense relief from problems like eczema, migraines, gastric reflux and other common issues.

Pretty amazing, huh?!

Below you'll find more "before" photos (everyone LOVES "before" and "after" photos!) plus more recent photos of us.


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      I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my site. I hope your readers find some recipes they’ll like as well.

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