Wholesome Eating

whole food recipes - gluten free vegetarian recipes easy

Here at Simply Natural Health, our resources were developed to help families and individuals make a smooth and enjoyable change to a whole natural diet that works with the body to restore optimal health.  We describe this style of eating as Wholesome Eating.


What Is Wholesome Eating?

Wholesome eating involves eating foods as close to the way
they were originally created as possible.

– whole                                  – unrefined
– fresh                                    – unprocessed
– in season                           – without preservatives, additives,
– organic                                      or “enriching”
– minimal cooking               – not genetically-modified


Wholesome eating simplifies our eating choices

We don’t have to obsess over RDA’s and the amount of this or that nutrient, because. . .
Whole natural foods naturally have all the good stuff!


We encourage you to begin the transition
Not-so-whole  to  Wholesome
from white (refined) to colorful
from packaged (processed) to fresh
from dead (cooked) to living (raw)
from nutritionally depleted to nutrient-rich
from redundant to the incredible variety
of colors, aromas, textures and flavors of
Wholesome foods !

 whole food recipes - gluten free vegetarian recipes easy

A Personal Note about Transitioning to a Wholesome Diet
– otherwise entitled, HOPE FOR THE ‘PICKY’

Wholesome eating doesn’t happen on accident.  When we began our transition to a healthier lifestyle, we were living the average stressed American lifestyle and eating the Standard American diet (often appropriately referred to as the SAD diet).  The idea of preparing just one meat-free meal per week seemed a real challenge and dealing with whole, natural foods was an entirely foreign experience.

You see, my husband, John, was a “meat and potatoes” man, and he really didn’t know any other way.  His idea of a great lunch was two hot dogs, a bag of chips and a soda purchased from a local gas station.  He had to be one of the pickiest eaters around.  He didn’t eat any fruit (except for ½ half an orange in sheer desperation on a family trip to the Grand Canyon at age 10) and had never consumed a salad.  He was very limited in what prepared vegetables he would eat as well.

So you can see, if someone had told him that the only way he was going to get well would be to eat in the way we do now (plenty of raw fruits and vegetables, vegetable juices and plant-based meals), he would have just politely declined the suggestion.

For most who have known only the Standard American Diet (predominantly meat, dairy, refined grains, sugar, salt and refined fats) it can be a little too threatening to change overnight to a radically healthful diet.  Though for some, the serious health concerns they face are enough to cause them to make the change “cold turkey”.  If you find yourself part of the majority that wants to enter into this change gradually and aren’t sure where to begin, you’ll find my resources quite helpful.

I want to encourage you that you will benefit from health improvement no matter how small or slow your changes.  John lost over 100 pounds, his need for high blood pressure medicine and had no further Meniere’s episodes (click here for more of our story), simply in changing our meals to whole, natural foods, initially reducing the amount of meat and dairy, then eliminating them as it felt comfortable- no portion-controlling, no hunger and no feelings of deprivation.  We quickly learned that eating foods as close to the way they were originally created was the answer to our health concerns and weight issues.  I hope that you will see that this simple principle will be as freeing for you and your health.

I encourage you to make changes as you are comfortable, getting familiar with new foods and allowing your tastes to change with them.  We found that with each change we experience physical improvement and our enjoyment of wholesome foods increased in such a way that we were encouraged to try yet another change.  Each step led us closer and closer to what we feel now is one of the best ways we can nourish our bodies.
My hope and desire is that the resources I’ve prepared will encourage many in taking their first steps on the path to health!

gluten free recipes easy

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Unique to Simply Natural Health: the  WHOLEmadeTM approach to food preparation

Our EVERYDAY WHOLESOME EATING and GOOD AND EASY EATS series of cookbooks and health guides are based on the premise that it is always to our best advantage to eat foods in their whole form.


In keeping with Simply Natural Health’s goal to make healthy living simple and practical, all of our recipes are uniquely  WHOLEmadeTM

Whole food                        whole, natural plant-based ingredients
Hearty and healthy     family-pleasing and exceptionally good for you
Only the good stuff    focused on nutritionally-dense foods; avoiding common allergens
Less costly                          simple ingredients that are affordable and obtainable
Easy and enjoyable    simple and tasty recipes!

Kim feels blessed to have had the opportunity to work with the whole, natural foods that were created for our optimal health to develop simple, tasty, economical recipes to share with individuals and families seeking health through practical diet and lifestyle change!


best gluten free vegetarian recipes

It may surprise you to learn that Kim is a “lazy cook” at heart, and only develops recipes meeting the following criteria:

  • only whole natural ingredients (and as few ingredients as possible)
  • real ingredients- easy to find and purchase at a reasonable price, ones I would have on hand as staples (I don’t want to make a special trip to the grocery store)
  • minimally processed ingredients (for instance- dried herbs are okay, but no prepared foods like ketchup, vanilla, soy sauce or rice milk, etc.)
  • avoiding common allergens (like wheat, corn, soy, sugar, dairy, etc.)
  • only natural, unrefined fats
  • no sugars (even natural sweeteners are used sparingly)
  • low in sodium, using only unrefined sea salt
  • no inconvenient amounts (like “1 Tbsp. tomato paste” or “1/3 cup crushed pineapple”- what are you supposed to do with the rest?!)
  • no multiple step recipes (reduced to as simple a preparation process as possible)
  • minimal number of pots, pans and dishes used in preparation
  • and Kim puts a high priority on a good layout for the final recipe- easy to follow, simple directions, and the ingredients are ordered and grouped conveniently.

Check out the recipe books and other resources we offer.

Readers describe our books as-

  • “practical and down-to-earth”
  • “very comprehensive, organized, insightful and helpful”
  • “good down-home cookin’ ”
  • “haven’t tried a recipe we haven’t liked”
  • “our favorite- we got rid of our other cookbooks!”


Need the basics on whole food, plant-based eating? This book features some of the best gluten-free vegetarian recipes in print plus extensive discussion on the basics of whole food living. Sure to make a lifestyle of gluten-free vegetarian recipes EASY FOR YOU!

gluten free vegetarian recipes easy - everyday wholesome eating


Check out this book packed full of gluten-free vegetarian recipes- easy, tasty and bursting with nutrition!

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