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Beyond Natural Cleaners- Using E-cloths

Over the years I’ve shared a number of tips and recipes for making natural cleaners. You’ve probably seen that we do almost all of our cleaning exclusively with white vinegar and baking soda. Well, something happened this spring that has greatly reduced my need for even these natural cleaning products.

On Mother’s Day this year, my mother-in-law excitedly came out of her bathroom carrying some cleaning cloths. She said they were “e-cloths” and declared they were amazing. Despite her excitement, I just wasn’t sure this would revolutionize my cleaning. Boy, was I wrong!

You see, I’ve seen “microfiber” cloths in the stores over the years and have steered clear of them. First of all, they’re made from synthetic fibers (not high on my list of things to work with) and, secondly, they just feel awful- they seem to snag on my fingertips. Not a nice feeling. I knew people were buying and using them, but I wasn’t sure why. I figured they were more absorbent or something.

Well, when my mother-in-law described how easy the e-cloths were to use and how effective they were, I became interested. I happened to see them for sale at our local co-op that same day, but decided to do a little research online before I purchased any.

The blog posts I read convinced me to give them a try. I ordered a sampler pack  (8 piece home cleaning set) from Amazon and eagerly awaited their arrival.

I was so excited to give them a try. I was not disappointed in any way- in fact, they performed beyond my hopes. They made routine-cleaning drudgeries a breeze!

I went on a little cleaning frenzy over the next few days- trying them here, there and everywhere. The ones I ordered had designated applications (kitchen, bath, stovetop/range, etc.). So I tried each in turn. I became so excited I began telling everyone I visited with about them, and even bought them as presents for my mom and sisters.

Briefly, these are some of the reasons why I love them:

They work! With less effort (and no need for chemical or natural cleaners- just water!) I can quickly clean an area with superior results. How they worked for window washing blew me away. No need to get out the spray bottle, just wet the cloth. No need for a roll of paper towels, simply wipe dry with the glass/polishing cloth. No streaks- perfectly clear windows!! I’ve never been good about cleaning my windows, but when it is this effortless, I really have no excuse!

They’re easy to care for  The directions for the cloths suggest you use them repeatedly through the week (rinsing after use) and then launder once a week.

They’re affordable For an initial modest investment ($4.00- $8.00 per cloth, depending upon where you purchase them) you have almost all the cleaning supplies you need for the next few years. They’re supposed to be good for 300 washings, so if you only wash them once a week, they’re going to last for a while. And, you’ll never have to buy cleaners, or supplies for making cleaning supplies, again!

They make cleaning easy/accessible   I find I’m keeping my kitchen sink, stove top, windows, bath sink and tub cleaner than ever. When it’s this easy to clean, I find it easy to do it more frequently. I rigged up a little bin in a handy spot that holds my clean cloths and then I installed hooks to hang frequently used cloths (bath, window, kitchen, etc.) in out-of-site locations.

They’re naturally antibacterial  Without the use of Microban or other awful microbacterial treatments, these cloths (just by the nature of the microfiber itself) picks up more than 99% of the bacteria off surfaces. How cool is that?! And a rinse of the cloth sends the bacteria down the drain.

They’re considerate of the environment  Allowing us to clean without chemicals or paper waste, these are a super green alternative!

The kids can use them! This is a great side-benefit of the no chemical/no waste point. Since it only requires wetting the cloth, the kids are able to help with all the cleaning. Mine would get a little too enamored with the spray bottle (as in, not want to stop spraying), but no spray bottle is required now!

If you want, you can certainly do a bit more research at the e-cloth site or search online to find more reviews and discussion on this cleaning method.

I was just so excited about how it has revolutionized cleaning in my home, I wanted to share about it with you all!


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One Response to “Beyond Natural Cleaners- Using E-cloths”

  1. Lea Harris says:

    I couldn’t agree more! *LOVE* my e-cloths!

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