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Antibacterial/Alkalinizing Mouth Rinse

We were never ones to use Listerine or other commercial mouth washes, but my husband and I have been dealing with some dental issues recently that made me think we need to be even more intentional in the care of our teeth.

Keeping your mouth as alkaline and free of bacteria as possible is one of your best defenses against dental issues. For years we’ve enjoyed drinking rooibos tea, and it seemed quite on accident that I noticed the side benefit of doing so- a great reduction in plaque on my teeth. This is due to the high mineral content of the tea, which has an alkalinizing effect in the mouth.

More recently I’ve been doing a better job with flossing my teeth, but I thought a mouth rinse (at the end of the day and following meals) would be a really beneficial addition. So here’s the recipe for my really simple antibacterial/alkalinizing mouth rinse.




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8 Responses to “Antibacterial/Alkalinizing Mouth Rinse”

  1. Megan says:

    Hi Kim! I have been using a similar recipe but only with 2 teaspoons of baking soda. I tried yours and it was a bit overpowering with the baking soda. But I know you always have a good reason for what you suggest, so can I ask why you use so much?

  2. denise says:

    Kim, thanks for mouthwash recipe. Would you mind sharing your source for purified water. I’ve done quite a bit of research but can’t seem to settle on a good source. We live in a city that claims to have good water, however, I know there are products in the water that need to be filtered out. Also can your recommend a good source for essential oils such as your peppermint? Thanks.

  3. Kim Wilson says:

    We use a reverse osmosis filter system in our home (mounted under our sink). My peppermint oil is from Aura Cacia (a brand available at our local health food store) but there are many good essential oil companies out there.

  4. Kim Wilson says:

    Thanks for asking. You can adjust the baking soda to your taste. Everytime I make it it seems a little different. I’ve changed the recipe to include “1-2 Tbsp. baking soda”. Baking soda is highly alkaline, so it’s great for helping maintain a more alkaline environment in your mouth.

  5. 99bonk says:

    my late husband, a dentist, used to recommend a mouthwash using a combination of baking soda and salt in water, which helps to strengthen the gums. I realize that this would alter the flavor of Kim’s recipe, but if anyone is having gum problems, it is very helpful, as well as being simple and cheap.

  6. Kim Wilson says:

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Cytrus says:

    Hi Kim,

    I wondered, since its been a few months, what, if any improvements you’ve noticed using this for your oral health?

  8. Kim Wilson says:

    I’ve also been doing oil pulling several days a week. I don’t have a dental appointment till later in the month, so we’ll see then. I’m hopeful!

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