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A Recipe For Keeping Warm

It’s been quite a winter. I’ve heard that it’s possibly been 10 degrees colder on average than in prior years. And it’s not quite over.

So, I’m breaking from my routine of sharing food recipes to share some tips on keeping warm.


Wear multiple layers. This year I started wearing a tank top under my turtleneck or long-sleeve tee, under my sweater, and I’ve been surprised how much warmer that additional layer has made me.

Wear a scarf. Even in the house. I’ve found if my neck is warm I feel much warmer overall.

Try leg warmers. At the risk of sounding like an 80′s freak, I need to share my recent discovery of how great leg warmers are. I knit some nice soft wool leg warmers for a couple of European friends, but it wasn’t until I was complaining to my husband about how my pajama bottoms creep up during the night and make me chilly that he looked over his glasses at me (while I was knitting one of the pair of leg warmers) and said “Leg warmers? . . .” Hadn’t thought of making myself a pair, and quite frankly I didn’t want to take the time to, so I picked up a very cheap pair at a Goodwill and have barely taken them off in the last two months. They make such a big difference. They’re kind of like mini long johns. I wear them under my pants (no one knows!) and they reduce any drafts. So cozy. I highly encourage you to give them a try if you never have.


Heated mattress pad. We don’t use this while in bed, but about 10-15 minutes before heading to bed we turn on the electric heated mattress pad to “take the edge off” the chill of the sheets. It is just SO much easier climbing into a toasty bed. And why a heated mattress pad instead of a heated blanket? Well, heat rises, so the pad allows more of the heat to stay between the mattress and blankets.

Hot water bottle. One of my best friends during the winter. Such a simple apparatus, but so effective! I’m a napper (have been most of my life. 20 minute “power naps” really renew my energy mid-day) and at this time of year chilly feet can prevent me from getting a good nap. But, if I have the forethought to fill up a hot water bottle and put it at my feet, then I drift off blissfully. I also sometimes use it while working at the desk. Either resting my feet on it or just letting it lie on my lap. What a difference a concentrated source of warmth can make!


DON’T force yourself to eat raw and cold foods at this time of year. We used to eat lots of fruit smoothies, huge green salads and plenty of other raw foods right through the winter, but it really didn’t naturally appeal and I learned that it can actually work against your body’s efforts to stay warm.

FOCUS on warming foods

  • Hot drinks (especially teas that incorporate ginger and warming spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, etc.) Try my chai rooibos recipe.
  • Hearty soups, stews, chowders and chili (get my Everyday Wholesome Soup recipe book on special for just $8.50!- 0ver 80 recipes)  Try my chili recipe.
  • Warming veggies- winter squashes, pumpkin and root vegetables (onions, garlic, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, rutabagas, carrots, parsnips, etc.)
  • Cooked whole grains. Check out my stovetop cooking reference.


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4 Responses to “A Recipe For Keeping Warm”

  1. Sherry Weems says:

    Thank you very much for the tips!

  2. Sandy says:

    The link for Chai tea goes to Go Daddy fyi. Sure would like that recipe, looked at it a day or two ago and the link worked then.

  3. Kim Wilson says:

    I’m sorry the link didn’t initially work for you. Glad you finally got through.

  4. Kim Wilson says:

    Glad to share them! I learn more each year.

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