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Gluten-free Pumpkin Biscuits

The holidays are over, yet you might have a can or two of pumpkin still hanging out on your pantry shelf.  “What to do with it?”, you might wonder.  My favorite use for leftover canned pumpkin is pumpkin biscuits!

Now, before you move along, let me encourage you that these do not have much of a pumpkin flavor at all.  They just have a light sweetness and a distinct pumpkin tint.  But what you gain nutritionally is nothing short of amazing!  The can of pumpkin adds a good bit of fiber, but the vitamin A contribution is through the roof (over 100% of your need for the day per biscuit!) and the iron is not to be overlooked (3-4% of your daily need per biscuit).

Note: This recipe makes a large batch, simply because I don’t like to use a portion of a can in a recipe and I don’t mind having leftover biscuits hanging around.  I hope you and your family love them!





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2 Responses to “Gluten-free Pumpkin Biscuits”

  1. Kathi says:


    I have switched to almond flour or coconut flour almost exclusively because of their low glycemic effect on the body. Now I know coconut flour needs a larger quantity of liquids than any other flour (or flour blend) but do you have any ideas how we can convert a rice flour to almond flour to make the finished product palatable. Everything I seem to try, I just don’t get what I consider acceptable results.

  2. Kim Wilson says:

    I’m sorry I won’t be a great help with this question as I don’t use those flours (except a small amount of almond flour added to a cookie recipe on occasion). I understand coconut flour is very, very dry, so I imagine it will mean a lot more liquids and possibly more ground flax to get a better effect.

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