Are you searching for raw recipes that are economical, easy, tasty and hearty?

Many raw food recipe books focus on gourmet presentations and the use of costly ingredients.  Kim believes raw food preparation should be feasible for everyone, no matter their budget or level of busyness.  Her recipes are designed to satisfy all palettes and needs.

Cost-effective and time-efficient raw food recipes for everyday people. 

Whether you’re just interested in adding more raw foods to your diet to boost your Raw food recipes- Everyday Wholesome Eating in the Rawnutritional intake or seriously considering becoming a “raw fooder,” within the pages of this book you’ll find an immense variety of recipes that are tasty and easy to prepare.

This raw recipe and information resource contains an extensive introductory section on raw foods that covers everything from the benefits of raw foods to stocking a basic raw foods pantry to simplified sprouting instructions.  The recipes contained in the easy-to-follow guide include juices, fruit recipes, salads, dressings, sauces and condiments, dips and fillings, soups, entrees, snacks, dehydrates, desserts and treats.  All the recipes have as their goal simple preparation with easy to acquire, reasonably-priced ingredients.  So they’re cost-effective and time-efficient, designed for everyday people.

200 gluten-free recipes


240 pages, spiral-bound for ease of use.    $15.00

Raw food never tasted so good!


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Everyday Wholesome Eating in the Raw


Looking to boost your nutritional intake, health or energy with more raw foods?
This book is for anyone who has gotten discouraged by costly, gourmet-style raw food recipes. In contrast, this book features an immense variety of cost-effective and time-efficient raw food recipes for real people- from crackers to entrees to desserts.
Far more than just a cookbook, this book features an extensive introduction to raw foods plus a multitude of tips on simplifying raw food preparation.

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